The company was established in 1989 by. As most of the small business institutions we started to implement projects on a limited scale and in a small size, but soon became Al-Hanouf Group occupies a prominent position in the contracting sector and participation in leading services in the field of Maintenance and operation of all sectors and important government facilities, private establishments and others.

During the economic boom and the positive aspiration towards the future aside with the vision of the country 2030, and the management of the company and its ambition for a prosperous future in light of what has been witnessed and is still witnessing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of prosperity and progress at all levels and in particular in the development of infrastructure. Moreover, a desire to be excellent in the maintenance and operation sector, we focused in maintenance and operation projects, emphasis with professionalism as a determination to make tomorrow a better place to live and to be the trusted partner in this field.