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Al Hanouf Center for Marine Sports

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It’s a beachfront facility that provides services for all marine sports (diving, swimming, windsurfing , etc.) In addition to providing interior spaces for other sports such as (Tensile and flexibility sport ‐ Muscle sport ‐ Balance sport).

The main sections of the project

  1.  Main spaces such as (reception ‐ sports wing …).
  2.  Supporting spaces such as (dressing rooms, sports equipment warehouse …).
  3.  Recreational spaces such as (cafe ‐ shop for marine sports …).
  4.  Service spaces such as (warehouses ‐ maintenance room ‐ toilets …).


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Because our group is always concerned with all humanitarian and social issues and affairs and seeks to provide sufficient care and attention to people with special needs, Al Hanouf Group established Al Hanouf Handicapped Services with the aim of serving this category of people and offering them all they need to facilitate their lives and their engagement in the daily life activities. At time since 1977; we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners. Al Hanouf Groups was established 37 years ago and has undertaken different successful responsibilities and business activities throughout its long journey which remains at its height, thanks to the high-level service and the group commitment to credibility, good quality, professionalism and outstanding craft; all of which helped us achieve all accomplishments during these 37 years, building therefore a remarkable reputation.

Al Hanouf Group staff included at the beginning 18 employees and workers. However, its projects grew up and its responsibilities increased expanding into many other fields. Consequently, national and foreign manpower multiplied significantly to meet the investment projects requirements. The number of workers in the group exceeds today 10000 workers in charge of different activities.

Al Hanouf prides itself on being the first national institution in KSA to provide services to people with special needs and develop them in terms of quantity and quality. In fact, we started more than 30 years ago to operate the first two centers of the Ministry of Social Affairs – Complete Rehabilitation Center in Riyadh and Social Care Center in the Medina. We earned by this the confidence of officials and became the only supplier of excellent services for all the 24 social care centers and associations in the KSA at that time.


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With the great development in the field of Information Technology and the big advancements achieved in the digital and technological world, Al Hanouf decided to establish Al Hanouf Information Technology to cope with this trend and keep pace with this continuously evolving domain. Al Hanouf Information Technology is responsible for the application of computers and telecommunication equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data and is active as well in the computer hardware, software and telecom equipment domain.


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Al Hanouf Trading is very active and quickly developing in the trading field, considered to be a value-added function of the economic process.  Its trading activities cover many kinds of high-standard and developed products in different sectors, including but not limited to the medical and bio-medical fields, sportswear, importation of technological equipment and others; building a great reputation for itself in the local and international commercial markets and abiding always by the essential ethics and principals of the fair trade.


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In the recent years, the role of security and safety services has become more important and more vital for all communities, companies and institutions in general. Thus, Al Hanouf Group is bringing a great contribution to this field thanks to its division, Al Hanouf Security and Safety responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for its customers and for offering risk and emergency management, environmental safety and health and staff protection and safety.


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Al Hanouf Medical Service extensive experience covers a large range of medical services, providing modern medical tools and machines and high-level services designed to promote health, including preventive, curative and palliative interventions. In addition, this division is also in charge of the procurement and import of all high-standard international medical materials, tools and products certified by top institutions and laboratories in Europe, USA and Far-East, with the aim of promoting and developing the health sector. Al Hanouf Medical Services is best known for nursing and allied health professions in which it is always committed to deal with customers with honesty and transparency and to respect the highest standards in offering efficient and top-notch services in the health field.


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Al Hanouf Group was always involved in the bio-medical field through its divisions. It provides turnkey solutions and top-notch, high-quality services. This division contributes as well in the implementation of operation, cleaning and maintenance contracts for premium hospitals and care centers. Therefore, Al Hanouf Bio-Medical was ranked by the Contractors Classification Agency, first in this field in KSA where the medical equipment maintenance included Riyadh Central Hospital, Saudi-German Hospital, Afif General Hospital, Al’Aflag Hospital, Al-Bakiria General Hospital, Al-Methnab Hospital and others.


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Al Hanouf Group was originally known in the field of contacting, in which it excels since the establishment of the first Group division, Al Hanouf Contracting, in 1977. Al Hanouf Contracting was ranked first in the domains of building maintenance, electromechanical works, city cleaning, urban garbage disposal, forestation and landscaping. As a result, the total value of executed projects, in both public and private sectors, significantly increased throughout the years thanks to our deep knowledge and long expertise, to exceed 348 Billion Riyals with more than 125 projects in 2009 throughout KSA and Gulf Region. It is worth noting that Al Hanouf Contracting has directly contributed to the developmental rise in construction and urban expansion in KSA by delivering several studies and conceptual and complete designs for many projects as well as supervising and constructing others based on the highest architectural and engineering specifications.


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Al Hanouf For Travel and Tourism provides all travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, hotels, package tours and others. In fact, this division deals with ordinary tourists and makes at the same time travel arrangements for business travelers. We provide/Offer travel products and services and seek to make every travel an unforgettable experience combining convenience, pleasure and good organization at all times.


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Al Hanouf Food Services was established in early 2005 C.E. in order to supervise the preparation, processing and operation of a distinguished coffee shops and restaurants chain in KSA, under the name of “La Caverna”. The first functioning branch of the chain is located in Prince Mohamed Bin Abdul Aziz St. (Desalination St.), considered as one of the most active and busy streets in Riyadh. Al Hanouf Food Services is committed to provide high-level and five-star catering services within the frame of an enchanting décor and charming atmosphere to offer you tranquility and magic.