Al-Hanouf Group is a private-owned Saudi company, established in 1977 C.E, corresponding to 1397H, with headquarters in Riyadh, KSA. Al-Hanouf was originally specialized in contracting, medical and health care industries. Over the time, this Group developed its activities and excelled in different fields including building operations, maintenance and cleaning, water and sewerage utilities, forestation and landscaping, family entertainment centers, city cleaning and urban garbage disposal, electro-mechanical and medical equipment operations and maintenance, in addition to hospitals and medical centers operation and maintenance.

Thanks to its expertise in providing high-level services, its professionalism and 42 years of outstanding accomplishments and achievements, Al Hanouf Group was ranked number one in the maintenance of medical centers and second in building maintenance.  Therefore it is characterized by its deep knowledge, expertise and prestigious reputation in implementing major contracts, projects and applying cutting edge technology in the projects throughout KSA and the Gulf Region.

The success achieved by Al Hanouf Group throughout the years was incentive to establish other affiliates in order to organize its activities and increase its customers’ base by expanding into new fields. For that reason, Al Hanouf Group founded the following new divisions covering different disciplines:

  1. Al Hanouf for Contracting
  2. Al Hanouf for Medical and Biomedical Maintenance
  3. Al Hanouf for Nutrition Services
  4. Al Hanouf for Travel and Tourism
  5. Al Hanouf Health Services
  6. Al Hanouf for Security and Safety
  7. Al-Hanouf for Trading
  8. Al Hanouf for Information Technology
  9. Al Hanouf for Rehabilitation and Disabled Services
  10. Al Hanouf for Run Cafes and Restaurants

Furthermore, Al Hanouf group was highly classified in gardens forestation and landscaping and has thus carried out many contracts in the field of gardens and green areas landscaping, notably the contract for the management, maintenance and operation of Salam park in Riyadh, with the High Commission for the Development of Al-Riyadh, for a period of five years from 17/11/1424 to 16/11/1429H, renewable for five years from 17/11/1429 to 16/11/1434H, renewable once again for the five following years.

This contract was awarded to Al Hanouf for five years until 1439H and includes all works aiming at maintaining the park, by providing all necessary protection and care for its contents and elements, such as the electromechanical components, plantation and irrigation systems. Al Hanouf was also awarded the contract for the operation and maintenance of King Abdullah Environmental Park Al-Ahsa Governorate, King Fahd Garden in Medina covering more than (5) millions square meters, and King Abdullah Park, in Al-Malaz, Riyadh inaugurated in 2014.

Al Hanouf Group strives to achieve continuity and sustainability in excellently providing outstanding high-quality and efficient services to all its customers in both public and private sectors to remain always at the forefront.

The organizational structure of the groups is as follow:

  • Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Mehaizea    President
  • Mr. Bader Mohammed Al-Mehaizea       Vice President
  • Mr. Tamer Mohammed Al-Mehaizea      Chief Executive Officer

To be the leader in delivering integrated solutions for maintenance and operation for infrastructure, buildings and services.

With a comprehensive view of all disciplines, Al Hanouf Group mission is not merely to provide the best and most efficient services and goods in the field of contracting, medical care industries, commercial development and other investments. However, our constant quest is to offer turnkey solutions to our customers in KSA and the Gulf Region and to devote efforts in serving the public interest with all the expertise, knowledge and know-how we earned over 42 years in many disciplines and specializations where we provided various works and services – including but not limited to professional sanitary cleaning, nursing, allied health professions, family entertainment, hospitals operation and maintenance, rehabilitation of people with special needs, protection services and private security guards, contracting works, importation and various commercial and economic activities.

Therefore, the success we have achieved encouraged us to broaden our scope of activities to cover other domains such as the buildings operation and maintenance, water and sewerage utilities, forestation and landscaping, city cleaning, electromechanical and medical equipment periodic maintenance and operation.

Al Hanouf Group looks forward to achieve excellence in customer service, while maintaining high quality and pioneering role in providing advanced services and goods in line with life developments and modern technologies and innovations, taking advantage of local and international expertise in all fields and activities based on our belief in the right of all people to enjoy high-level services. We strive to work together using the most recent technology to provide outstanding services and distinguished healthcare in the Kingdom and abroad; while strongly adhering to our deep-rooted values, noble principles and business ethics that guide us in our mission and define the work methodology in our institution, including but not limited to the following:

  • Excellence – through high quality and excellence in services and development of our resources.
  • Ethics – Integrity, honesty, honor, privacy and confidentiality.
  • Principles – we believe in individuals and respect them.
  • Teamwork – we work cooperatively to achieve our goals.
  • Accountability – loyalty and commitment.
  • Safety – we are committed of maintaining the safety of all employees and customers.
  • Responsibility – effective action and financial responsibility.
  • Integrity – we believe that excellent position and reputation are essential for the success of our work. Therefore, we strictly abide by the highest work ethics and professional principles and take into account the requirements of honesty and integrity when dealing with our partners.
  • Excellence – we understand and meet the needs of our customers. We do our utmost to satisfy them, focusing on quality in our works and services. We will exert more effort to achieve excellence in meeting your requirements and needs.
  • Innovation – we always strive to learn and support new useful innovations, taking advantage of local and international expertise; we create leading local solutions based on our high-level expertise and we welcome positive change that will result in innovation and new ambitions to develop our works
  • Leadership – we work on the development of talents and create leadership capacities to find effective work solutions designed to best meet the needs of our customers, develop markets for our products, raise the level of our employees and achieve the benefit of the shareholders, through the optimum use of funds, resources and techniques, which will eventually lead to the development of the leadership concept in our company.
  • Community service – we aspire to achieve success in our business and the well-being for our employees and the communities in which we operate. Through our culture, thoughts, environmental concerns and teamwork, we seek to consolidate our distinctive values when dealing with the community members.

Our group seeks and makes every effort to stay in the forefront and to be always characterized by organized work, wonderful service, high-level professional activity, commitment to and respect of tradition, noble values, ethics and principles in work and cooperation, as constants marking our group since its inception. In order to achieve its objectives, the Group plans to provide the best services in line with the market requirements and develop a stronger partnership with other institutions in order to adopt a partnership and cooperation methodology including the entire community and offering everyone the opportunity to join forces and cooperate to serve the nation. The future plans of the Group include the following main objectives that it intends to achieve over the next five years:

Provide a full range of services, giving the priority to the local community while continuing to get and maintain international accreditation and expanding the scope of services for the company to become the main provider of different services in the region. Adopt an institutional application to work according to a system in order to completely dispense with the paperwork, develop the financial control and attract and maintain qualified staff.