ALNADI Suadi Model Sports Club Co.


 which was recently established by Dr. Mohamed Al Muhaizah, Which is specialized in the field of sports including the establishment, operation and management of sports clubs in various areas in the Kingdom .

Where we at the Saudi Model Sports Club believe in the need to participate and work in this area, which is one of the pillars of the important vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( vision 2030 )


Recreational ( Entertainment ) sports contribute to the dynamic integration of individuals and communities at various levels and are directly affected by the societal, economic, health and environmental aspects of society.

And with the announcement by the Government of Saudi Arabia about Vision 2030 . And the huge ambition in the field of sports, leisure and tourism, we at the club Saudi Sport Model Club find ourselves in a good position to contribute to offset the need in this area through the establishment of recreational sports centers and access easily

Therefore, we are here today to put before your honorable Highness the planning and efforts that have been made in line with this ambition, and to define our future aims and the field of work we are working to cover professionally in all parts of the Kingdom. Saudi

General Definition of Company

Saudi Model Club Sports is a specialized company that promotes and encourages the concept of recreational sport
throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Encouraging recreational sport in Saudi Arabia, providing it in a healthy, entertaining and fun way whereas available to all categories of society (men ‐ women) to use their spare time in this recreational sport.

Investing in the best sports entertainment facilities equipped with good processing and continuing to provide leading entertainment programs to meet the needs of the youth community

  • Make recreational sports include all categories Community (men ‐ women) by establishing at least 8 ‐ 10 recreational sports centers and clubs in all major cities of the Kingdom by the end of 2019.
  • Contribute to the diversification program of the national economy by supporting the concept of recreational sports for citizens, residents and tourists, local and foreign.


  • Establish multiple partnerships with the country institutions related to the sports field.
  • Promote sports and physical activities.
  • Improve the revenue from investment in sports clubs and establishments.
  • Enable the elite of Saudi athletes to achieve high performance on a sustainable basis in various sports
  • Leisure facilities in places are very few in Saudi Arabia. Where people spend time Their vacations are in shopping malls, public parks, and hiking in the desert Where people spend time Their vacations are in shopping malls, public parks, and hiking in the desert and hiking in the desert
  • The Government promotes recreational activities through the organization of festivals such as the annual Janadriya Festival, Heritage Festival, Jeddah Festival and others.
  • Recreational sports are almost absent from the arena, including during temporary outdoor activities such as camel races, football.


Therefore, the concept of recreational sports is not available because there are no permanent centers that offer everything related to them through the participation of the private sector in the organizational process of this aspect.

Recreational Sports Facilities for Women


  • Since 2013, the government has opened the way for women to participate in sports activities in schools. In the same year, a sports center for girls was opened in Al Khobar.


  • Saudi Arabia also sent the first female group to the 2012 Olympic Games.


  • However, compared to men, women only have very few options in the area of recreational sports, where there are almost no gyms for women until now.

Recreational Sports Facilities for Men


  • Men have a variety of recreational sports in Saudi Arabia compared to women.


  • Men participate in recreational sports such as desert safaris, camel races, camping, swimming, etc. through private gatherings, clubs or sports federations.


  • They also have options to participate in wellequipped gymnasiums offered by private companies.


  • In addition to some services provided by private companies in coastal cities such as Jeddah, Khobar and other marine sports such as diving, Diving (underwater swimming) boats and others, but in the inner cities such as Riyadh, the options are much lower.

What does the Club Co. present ?

The Saudi Model Sports Club is focused on the field of “Recreational Sports” as an untapped market with great potential. There is also a clear demand for the entry of private sector entities in this area.

Physical sports

  1. Swimming
  2. Water ball
  3. Diving
  4. Diving (underwater swimming)
  5. Kayaking
  6. Sailing boats (boats)
  7. Slide on water
  8. Racing vehicles
  9. Aerial skiing
  10. Racing vehicles of all kinds

Physical sports

  1. Self defense games
  2. Athletics
  3. Power games
  4. Sport entertainment
  5. Cycling sport
  6. All types of sports.

Where are we now?

Jazan Region

Al Jobail City

Where is the Future going to ?

Al Riyadh City

Jeddah City

Jeddah City

Al Jobail City


We also seek through this offer to cooperate with the Aviation Club and establish a real work in this area that serves the Saudi society basically provides high quality service ensuring the continuous development and construction of sports in all its forms


Our best Regards,,,